Tyson and the other Heavyweights of Science Education

Tyson can be controversial. He hits pretty hard and is always smiling. Several groups can’t complain enough about him. They think he’s arrogant. They KNOW he’s dangerous.

But Neil de Grasse Tyson will not back down. I can scarcely imagine the volume of hate mail he gets on a daily basis. Young earth creationists, anti vaxxers, religious fundamentalists, flat earthers– and anyone else who gains from keeping people stupid or ignorant– are chomping at the bit to tear him apart at any moment.

He wants people to learn. He wants science to be at the forefront of our national dialogue. When Fox brought back Cosmos and he became the host I made sure to watch every episode. For these reasons he is one of my all time heroes. To be fair, if I were to fight someone in a cage match, I would probably be more likely to beat him over Mike Tyson, but if I were the Discovery Institute trying to keep evolution out of the classroom I would do everything I could to stay under this man’s radar.

Other science education heavy weights include his Cosmos predecessor Carl Sagan, whose passion for the pale blue dot we call home continues to inspire future scientists everywhere. Jane Goodall has taught the masses about the extraordinary animal kingdom. Richard Dawkins, professor of evolutionary biology at Cambridge University, who battles pseudoscientific nonsense like homeopathy and intelligent design constantly & Stephen Hawking has expanded our understanding of the universe and continues to teach the world.

Bear in mind that this an incomplete list. There are a great many others throughout the world and the history of human kind that deserve to be on this list. Let me know who you think deserves to be considered a Heavyweight of Science Education.


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