Snowpocalypse II: Nature Strikes Back (worst sequel ever)

Patterns can be tough to stomach. For the second week in a row I find myself trapped to a degree in my own home. The wind is not as severe. My dog is willing to venture outside without much coaxing. We had some family play time on the snow mound I made. I even did some shoveling.  The last storm caused a number of closures that I wasn’t used to seeing; the mail stopped, grocery stores closed, even our local doughnut shops closed their doors. My employer paid people to sleep over to prevent the phones from going unmanned (I was not one of them). One might consider this is evidence of a wider problem.

However, on its own it really doesn’t mean much. Science leaves room for flukes and coincidences. A single event can and should be considered anecdotal evidence at best. Patterns are necessary to form solid logical conclusions. Even a second major storm inside of two weeks doesn’t hold a great deal of significance in a wider scale. That is why you’re probably used to hearing about the many years of data that supports the globe’s temperature changes over time. Years of Living Dangerously is an Emmy award winning documentary from Showtime. Their graphs show a chilling correlation between CO2 emissions and severe weather events.


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