TV spot

Tom Provencher

The following script is for a TV ad. The target audience is young people 13-30 male and female from all walks of life. Television is an excellent way to snag a new audience. I will be redirecting them to my blog, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

A map of the US appears. A mournful version of America the Beautiful plays in the background.
Narrator 1: In Tennessee a biology book was teaching children that the Loch Ness monster was a living plesiosaur.
Images of the Loch Ness monster appear.
Narrator 2: In Kentucky a group is raising money to build a “historically accurate”  Noah’s Ark.
Images of Noah’s Ark appear.
Narrator 3: In 2013, nine anti-science bills were introduced in seven states.
Those states are high lighted.
Narrator 4: Congress has failed to address climate change again and again.
We start seeing the somber faces of the impassioned narrators.
Narrator 1: This has got to stop!
Narrator 2: The United States is ranked 52nd in the quality of mathematics and science education.
Narrator 3:  Survival of the Wisest is a campaign to raise money and awareness for science education.
Narrator 4: Together…  Narrator 1: Together…, Narrator 2: Together… Narrator 3: We can…
Narrator 1: Together we can find a cure for stupid!

Survival of the Wisest splash page including, Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter


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