Creation “Science”

2009 Louisiana Survey

Theory or fact? Science or pseudoscience? Fantasy or reality?  How do we know what is true? For that matter how do we know what to teach the youngest and most impressionable?

Today news broke of a 17 year-old posing as a doctor. He had the lab coat, a stethoscope and was able to frequent a hospital in Florida for an entire month. According to his mother he was mentally ill, but this situation underscores the problem. Looking like a doctor does not make you a doctor, in the same way that looking like a scientist does not make you a scientist.

Real science takes a great deal of work- any and all ideas can be presented in science, but only the absolute minority can make it through the process. Science begins with evidence and searches for conclusions. Creationism or intelligent design, begins with a conclusion, and spends its effort trying to find evidence. That being said anyone can call anything a evidence, but the scientific community will not accept just anything without rigorous evaluation.

National GeographicAccording to National Geographic, evolution is less accepted in the United States then in many other western countries. The shows just how much progress creation groups have made in this country. Creation “scientists” present no credible evidence, no peer evaluated papers and deserve none of the respect that should be given to real scientific community.


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